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DIY vs. Professional Pest Control: 3 Ways You Can Save More With Professional Services

People get a certain high from DIY projects around their homes. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a guest sit down at a table and sharing with them that you built that table from scratch. We understand how powerful this feeling is, but we also believe that we must draw the line somewhere.

It’s one thing to DIY furniture or home decor, but it’s a different thing altogether to DIY things that might negatively impact your family’s well-being. Just as you wouldn’t risk DIYing stitches on your child’s split lip or your disaster response in case of a house fire, we highly recommend homeowners resist the urge to DIY their pest treatments. It may seem like a false equivalency to compare pest control to medical or fire safety. Still, improper pest treatments can pose risks to your health and the safety of your home.

And in addition to the safety issues with DIY pest treatments, there are also some practical reasons that professional pest control is a better option.

1. The Pros Know How To Work Efficiently

Think about what you do for a living, and imagine what it would be like to ask someone else to do your job for a day. They may be able to do it and may even do it well. But it’s unlikely that they can complete your job efficiently. When you work in a career for as long as Holder has been in operation, you learn how to get the job done correctly and efficiently. The DIY pest treatments that will take you months to research and weeks to implement will take us no time and we’re working to truly solve the problem and keep those pests away for good.

2. We Know How To Treat Your Exact Problem

Another benefit to decades on the job is that we’ve seen it all. We often visit homeowners who are perplexed with their current pest problem. They know that pests are getting into their home, but they don’t know how, what kind of pests they are, or the most effective way to treat them. You can spend the next several months researching a homegrown solution to your ongoing pest issue, or you can call a professional to identify the problem quickly and start working toward a solution.

3. Get Rid Of Your Pests Faster

When you hire a professional, you skip the whole research phase of the project. Our team is experienced and compassionate, and we work quickly to solve your pest problems so you don’t have to. Not only can we work quickly, but we’re working to solve the root issue, which may mean routine visits from our crew to help ensure your home is staying pest free. Either way you’ll find letting us tackle your pesky pests saves you time and effort. You can continue the process of trial and error to fix it yourself or trust us for effective treatments completed quickly.

If pest control takes up too much of your mental space, we will happily take the load off. Call us when you’re ready to hand over your pest problem to the pros so you can enjoy your life.

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