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Do I Really Need Fumigation?

You’ve heard the statistics and read all the termite horror stories. You know that fumigation is the best solution for eliminating your termite infestation. But how do you know when it’s time to fumigate your own home?
Have You Seen The Major Signs?
There are clear signs to keep your eye out for that will alert you when your home has been invaded by termites. The most obvious sign is the little piles of frass that the termites leave behind on your windowsill. Frass is, for lack of a better term, termite poop and it occurs in areas where they have begun to do serious damage. Even if you don’t see frass, you may experience swelling in your affected doors and windows. If you’ve experienced this, it is absolutely time to call a professional about home fumigation.

Damage Will Only Increase
I know you’re holding out hope, but it absolutely won’t get better without treatment. Once termites have settled into your home they can be very difficult to remove with any do-it-yourself, over-the-counter methods. We see too many homeowners waste time and money on products they bought at their local hardware store only to end up with an increasingly worse termite issue. Now that you know that you’re sharing space with a termite colony, call to get a termite control estimate before the damage gets worse.

Peace Of Mind
We understand the amount of worry that a termite infestation can cause. Not only do you sense that your home is in danger of sustaining serious, long term damage, but you don’t want your family living in a house filled with bugs. Fumigation is the only termite solution that can give you serious peace of mind. It is highly effective, only requires you to be out of your home for approximately 48-72 hours, and because fumigation is done using gas it leaves no nasty residue.

What comes to mind when you drive by and see a home covered in tarps? Does that image leave a positive impression in your mind? For most people, the answer is no. Because of our fear of termites we tend to have negative emotions about tent fumigation. But we think that should change. Next time you drive by a tented building, think about the peace of mind that family will have with the knowledge that the home in which they are building their memories and raising their family stands strong thanks to their termite control company.

If you’ve got termites in your home and would like to see them gone, give us a call today to make an appointment for a free estimate.