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Do I Really Need Pest Control During Winter?

As the temperature starts to drop, you begin to notice that fewer bugs are finding their way into your home? Does this mean that your days of battling pests have finally come to an end? Not exactly.
Your pesky household pests are cold-blooded and slow down or hibernate when the weather cools off. Often they nestle into the nooks and crannies in the walls of your home waiting for warm weather to return and give them strength. So don’t let this sudden dip in action lull you into thinking that your pest worries are over forever.

Stay On Your Regular Schedule
You may be tempted to press pause on your normal pest control schedule this winter. However, it’s best to stay on schedule. While you may appreciate the small savings you get from canceling your service when the weather cools off, you may be making your problem worse come springtime. When your lawn and home go a couple of months without treatment you end up giving your pests a head start coming springtime.

Keep Your Eyes And Ears Out For Rodents
Winter weather brings a whole new kind of pest problem. Rats, mice, and other warm-blooded pests tend to make their way inside to get out of the cold. These pests can be most often found hiding in your walls or cuddled up with your boxes in the attic. They may seem cute, but these pests can cause serious havoc in your home. Don’t let the next cold snap lull you into a sense of comfort that your pest control days are over. Be prepared to treat your home for the next round of unwanted pests.

Take This Opportunity To Seal Up Your Home
Since Florida’s winters are much drier than our summers, winter is a perfect time to find all the places that might attract pests and patch them up. Remember that bugs like termites are attracted to warm, damp spaces, so a leak in your roof or siding might be inviting them inside. Another great part of winter is warming by the fire, but make sure to stack your firewood away from your home.

As the weather cools off, your list of pest control duties doesn’t end, but it does change. It’s important to remain diligent about protecting your house. But most importantly, remember that you don’t have to go it alone. Stop worrying about bugs and leave the pest control to us. Give us a call today to meet a member of our team and receive a free estimate on services.