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Don’t Leave Your Sod Install To Chance

You have the same dream that most American homeowners have. To have a beautiful and lush lawn that gives a great first impression to those who drive by, visit, or eventually attempt to buy your home. But pristine grass doesn’t just grow on its own. It takes maintenance and tender loving care, and for those homeowners who struggle the most with their lawn, it often requires a serious intervention.
It’s tempting to go to your local lawn and garden store and pick up and a couple of pallets of sod and install it all yourself. Sometimes that works. However, the odds aren’t completely in your favor. There are enough people who struggle to maintain healthy DIY sod that we don’t recommend wasting your money on it. What the average do-it-yourselfer doesn’t know is that most of the work required for a successful sod install happens before the pallet of grass ever shows up.

The soil that your new sod will lay upon needs to be properly prepared and the ground itself needs to be leveled out to ensure that there is proper water drainage to your yard. This is especially important for Florida homes where we get bouts of extreme rain. In areas where the yard isn’t level water will pool which can cause rot at the root of your brand new sod. Half of the battle in sod installation is making sure that the ground is ready, and that’s not something you’d want to leave to chance. Hiring a professional means you can keep your hands clean and be confident that your sod installation will be successful.

Once your new sod has been installed nourishing your new lawn becomes a top priority. But with a team of pros on your side, you won’t have to worry about having your facts straight. The right team will give you all the facts so that you can keep your grass looking healthy and beautiful for years to come. Regularly watering your new sod install is paramount, if you don’t already have an irrigation system we highly recommend that you invest in one for your property. It’s an investment from which you will reap benefits for a long time.

The do-it-yourself market has exploded in the last decade, and we are in support of people taking on projects to care for and improve upon their homes. However, there are some things we always recommend people leave to the pros. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on brand new turf for your lawn, give us a call today and we’ll do all the dirty work and leave you with a yard you can be proud of.