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Home Projects That Support Your Termite Control Efforts

As temperatures warm up here in Central Florida, everyone’s least favorite bugs (the termites) are waking back up from their winter slumber and looking for something good to eat! Hopefully, by now, you’ve taken steps to manage your termite situation with professional termite control. After all, there is no better or safer treatment for termites than the treatments employed by professionals. But in addition to termite control, there are a couple of home projects that you can undertake to make your home less attractive to this undesirable pests.
New Vinyl Windows
Many old homes in Florida come with their original double-hung wood windows. While these are a lovely architectural addition, once affected termites they become less efficient at keeping your home cool in the summer and more difficult to open. For many families, the best course of action is to replace all your old wooden windows with a more efficient and termite resistant vinyl window. These windows will serve your family’s needs without attracting any more unwanted visitors into your house.

Composite Decking
What better way is there to spend a Florida summer than sitting out on your back deck enjoying time with your family and friends? But did you know that your beloved deck may be an inviting snack for hungry termites? The deck itself provides a dark and damp space for termites to live as well as all the wood they could desire. So how do you beat these bugs at their own game? Reinstall your deck using composite (non-wood) materials that are resistant to termites and weather. This means your deck will last longer and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

River Rock Around The House
Mulch is a popular material homeowners use to make their garden beds look finished and refined. Mulch is also a desirable place for termites to find shade, dampness, and food. If you’re working hard to keep termites away from the foundation of your home, we recommend that you choose a different substance like rocks or stones. These will provide the same refined look without detracting from your termite control efforts.

Termite control can be a multipronged approach that includes – first and foremost – regular, professional termite services. Additionally, homeowners can make strategic choices to ensure that they’re not further attracting these pests. If putting an end to your termite woes is a goal for you in 2019, try making a few of these small adjustments, and contact us today for a free termite control consultation.