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How A Poorly Designed Lawn Irrigation System Can Destroy Your Landscape

Over the years we’ve repaired and installed a lot of irrigation systems. We’ve seen every problem that can go wrong with a system. Your lawn is a significant investment, and it will pay off in not only property value but also with a good feeling every time you return home.
Installing an effective irrigation system and keeping it running efficiently is no easy task, and an improper installation can cost you money with wasted water and dead grass and plants.

Here are the most common problems that occur with irrigation systems:

Broken Irrigation Equipment
Broken equipment is easy to miss because so many systems are set on timers and homeowners could be gone or just not paying attention. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to make an inspection of your system every week and look at your yard.

A broken system usually results in parts of the lawn turning brown while other parts are flooded with water. In the worst cases, the entire lawn dies because it’s either drowning or no water is getting to it.

Repairing systems can be as easy as changing a sprinkler head, but there are also more major repairs such as broken pipes. If the same piece of equipment keeps breaking, such as a sprinkler head, it could be a sign that the equipment was improperly placed or installed.

Poorly Placed Sprinkler Heads Leads To Lousy Water Coverage
When installing a sprinkler system, it’s important that water reach all of your plants evenly. To do this the right kind of sprinkler head needs to be chosen and then correctly placed throughout your lawn.

When installed improperly, it’s impossible to water your lawn evenly. This means that portions of your lawn are drenched and flooded, and others are missed entirely as your sprinklers water the sidewalk and driveway. Either way, your lawn will be negatively impacted. It’s important that the install begin with a carefully designed plan which will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Low Water Pressure
Water pressure is essential to a system because the sprinkler heads won’t work correctly without it. The way to check for low pressure is to turn on the water and see if it is reaching all of the places it is intended to reach. If the water is dribbling out of the heads, or not coming out at all, it could be a sign there is low water pressure. This is also a sign there could be a blocked or broken line or a leak in the system.

Repairing low water pressure problems can range from easy to pretty difficult. Sometimes all it takes is replacing a single part while other times it involves digging into the ground, cutting the line and laying new pipe.

If you are experiencing irrigation problems with your yard, feel free to contact Holder Pest Control. We have the experience and tools to help you and we do everything from repairing systems to installing new, water efficient systems.