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How Do We Know Termite Control Is Working?

Termites, to know them is to absolutely hate them. Known as one of the most destructive pests around, a single colony of these bugs can do serious damage to a home in just a couple of years. And the worst thing about them? Sometimes it’s hard to recognize their presence until they’ve already set up shop within your walls.
How To Recognize Them
There are many different warning signs of a termite infestation, and they vary depending upon the type of termite. Subterranean termites create mud tubes from the ground leading up the side of a building’s foundation. This is a pretty clear sign that you have a problem. Drywood termites are a little less conspicuous. One thing you might notice is the actual swarm. These bugs like to stick together and they can be seen flying around a structure that they’re attempting to invade. They also tend to leave behind little calling cards to signal their presence. Specifically, keep your eye out for errant wings and piles of what look like little wood balls but are actually tiny fecal pellets (known as frass) on your window sills and floorboards.

When To Call The Pros
Once you’ve determined that you indeed have a termite problem you should contact a termite control company right away. As we said, termite damage can sneak up on you and the sooner you catch it the less repair work you’ll have to do down the line. If you suspect a termite issue but aren’t quite sure, it can never hurt to get a free consultation to find out for sure.

Is It Working?
There are different types of termite control that will help with different types of infestations. But a common treatment you’re likely familiar with is called fumigation. Whether you have your whole home tented or you just treat a few spots here and there it may be hard to tell what’s happening behind your walls. For months, even years, after your treatment you may continue to see signs like frass around your home. As the termites die the build-up of frass eventually works its way out of the small holes they created making it seem as though they’re still present. The clear sign you want to look out for is the presence of live termites. If you see live bugs, you’ve still got a problem.

Termite control is an ongoing process. Eliminating your termite problem once won’t ensure that they never come back. So the easiest way to have a successful termite control experience is to keep an ongoing relationship with your technician, have your home treated at regular intervals, and call at the first sign of trouble. For more information about how we can help eliminate your termite woes, call today for a free consultation.