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How Do You Know When You Need A Certified Water Audit?

One of the many valuable services that we offer at Holder Termite and Pest Control is the Certified Water Audit. You may not have heard of it before, but it is an excellent way to test your irrigation system to ensure that it is running as well as it should. Your home’s irrigation system should work for you, so we highly recommend an audit to homeowners who want to make sure their system is working properly.
There are many points in your irrigation system where things can go awry. The pipes under your lawn, the places where those pipes connect, and the sprinkler heads themselves are all opportunities for damage to occur creating a rupture and thus a water leak. Leaking water underground is not only wasteful, but can cost you significantly on your monthly water bill. If your bill has inched up over the last several months or years, or if you’ve noticed a steep increase this may be an great opportunity to invest in a Certified Water Audit.

Not only are leaking irrigation pipes bad for your wallet, but it can also cause overwatering in a specific area of your lawn which is bad for your turf and plants. Just as you wouldn’t leave a hose running on one spot in your yard for days on end, you shouldn’t leave a hose running under your yard. Overwatering due to a broken irrigation system drowns the roots of your grass and makes it difficult for it to absorb the necessary oxygen that it needs to survive. Not to mention making your grass more susceptible to weeds, diseases, and insect damage.

If saving money and saving your grass is a priority for you, a Certified Water Auditor will not only test your system for flaws but will instruct you on how to properly water your lawn to keep it nice and healthy. Your lawn is the first thing that people see when they approach your home. You work hard on it and have invested a great deal of money into it, and a Certified Water Auditor can help you take care of it for the long term.

Don’t waste another moment, a single dollar, or another drop of precious water from an inefficient irrigation system. The certified professionals at Holder Termite and Pest Control are here to help you save in more ways than one. Call today to learn even more about our Certified Water Auditing services. If your sprinkler system is beyond repair our team will offer you a free, no-obligation estimate for replacement, as well as for the installation of new sod in areas where poor watering has damaged your grass.