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How To Choose The Right Pest Control Company

There is no shortage when it comes to local home service companies. From pool cleaning to pest control you can find dozens of people offering the same service at varying prices. So in the midst of all that noise, how do you choose the right service for your family? Pest control is a particularly important service (especially in the state of Florida) as an ineffective job may leave you with a house full of unwanted bugs. Not every company in your town will be up for the job.
Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a pest company:

Varied Expertise
Why hire a company that can manage only one of your pest-related needs when you can hire someone with expertise in a variety of fields? If your pest company can’t also help you eliminate termites, manage your grass, and maintain your irrigation system then you’re wasting your money. Find a one-stop-shop that can help you cover all of your bases. This will save you time and money, and who doesn’t need more of that?

Family Owned
Looking to hire someone who cares about your family? Hire a family-owned business. Often businesses that are founded, managed, and passed down through families have strong values and a deep sense of pride in their product. After all, their success isn’t just a flash in the pan, but a part of their family’s legacy. People are often tempted to go with the big-name national company because they recognize the brand. But those big brands will never care as much about your community and your property as a local, family-owned business will.

Decades Of Experience
Anyone can read an instruction manual and apply pest control products to your house and yard. You could even do it yourself. But you don’t, because you want to put this process in the hands of people with the right experience to do it safely and efficiently each and every time. Along with decades in the pest control business comes a level of knowledge and expertise that can only be gained through time in the game. Have a strange pest problem? Don’t worry, we’ve seen it before.

Why put your pest control in the hands of someone without the proper experience to get it done right? Or someone who doesn’t know the difference between your family’s needs and the needs of your neighbor down the street? At Holder, we have been in the business in central Florida for four decades. If you’re ready to hire the best, most qualified company around, contact us today.