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How To Keep Termites From Coming Back

Now that you’ve invested the time and resources to have your home fumigated for termites you’re more invested than ever in making sure that the infestation doesn’t return. So what exactly are you to do to make sure that those pesky pests don’t come back?
Well, if we’re being frank, there’s no real way to promise you they’ll never return. Termites that are bound and determined to find a home can easily make their way to yours. However, by implementing the following termite control steps you’re more likely to avoid seeing them back any time soon.

Survey The Perimeter
Termites don’t find their way to your house out of the blue. There is something that attracts them to the areas near and around your home so that they can get close enough to eventually make it inside. For instance, do you have a stack of firewood or old lumber leaning up against your home? Termites love dark, damp spaces and they survive off of eating wood, so that stack of wood is an invitation for hungry termite colonies. The same goes for rotting wood fencing that is attached to the side of your home, rotting trees, or even piles of mulch. The best ongoing termite control is maintaining an environment that is unfriendly to termites.

Do Some Yard Work
We know that termites love dark, damp, wooded areas because they are the perfect place to find safety and nourishment. So, if you want to protect your home from termites a good first step is to remove their preferred habitat. That’s right, it’s time to get some yard work done. Cut back overgrown trees and bushes that are keeping the sun from drying out the ground, remove dead stumps and bushes, and clear any other clutter that might attract unwanted pests. A little yard work can go a long way when it comes to maintaining a termite-free home.

Keep In Touch With The Pros
There is a lot of information on the internet about how to manage termites on your own using anything from vinegar to very strong chemicals. We’re not in the business of telling people how to manage their own homes, but we are (quite literally) in the business of termite control. Taking on any kind of pest extermination is difficult and can be risky for the inexperienced and untrained. Once you’ve had your home professionally fumigated, make sure you stay in touch with your termite control technician for your yearly check-ups.

Don’t let the money you spent on home fumigation go to waste. By keeping up with your termite control efforts every year you can put up a strong fight against the termites that want to return to the comfort and safety of your home. For more information about how Holder Termite and Pest Control can help eliminate your pest problems contact us today.