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How To Prepare For Your First Pest Control Appointment

Congratulations, you’ve taken a big step and hired a pest control company to treat your house. We don’t know anyone who regrets making that same decision. Hopefully, you’ve had some kind of consultation with your technician and the opportunity to ask all of your questions. If not, here are a few of the things we’re frequently asked about how to get ready for your pest control appointment.
Do We Need To Leave?
We are regularly asked this question, and the short answer is absolutely not. Actually we’d prefer that you stuck around. Years ago you might have been asked to step out, but the products used these days are very safe. Having you around is helpful for your technician who may have questions about your home, the types of pests you’re dealing with, and anything else that comes up on site. The only thing they’d ask is that you avoid the treated areas for a short time while the substance dries.

Should I Clean The House?
If you’re the type of homeowner who cleans the house before your cleaning crew comes over to clean the house, you may also be tempted to do so before your pest control appointment. The answer is a little muddy. No, the average home does not need to be cleaned top to bottom. However, space needs to be clear enough to allow your pest professional access to certain areas. Specifically, the baseboards on the exterior of your home, or any place you’ve noticed pest activity.

Once I Start Do I Have To Continue?
This one is totally up to you. However, if you’re dealing with an annoying infestation its best to stick with a consistent and frequent schedule. You want to make your home as unattractive to pests as possible, and a great way to do that is to invite your pest control guy over at regular intervals. One treatment may give you a short break from the bugs, but it won’t get rid of them forever.

Think of your pest professional as a member of the team that keeps your house and your family safe. If you have questions about your service, speak up and ask them. You deserve to feel confident about the service you’re paying for, and the best way to do that is by remaining an informed consumer. For more information about what to expect from your first appointment contact us today.