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How To Self-Diagnose Your Irrigation Issues

For the amateur gardener, there is nothing more confusing than learning the ins and outs of your irrigation system. Mastering the job seems to require dual expertise in plumbing and landscape architecture, but we assure you that with a little bit of practice, and the support of a good team you can begin to understand your system and even self-diagnose some of the problems that will inevitably occur.
To get you started on this journey, here are some of the most common irrigation issues that homeowners face and what they might mean for you.

Individual Sprinkler Heads Aren’t Working
We hear from clients all the time whose sprinkler system seems to be working fine, except for one or two heads that refuse to get with the program. The most common reason for this to occur is that the individual sprinkler heads are either broken or clogged. So first, take into consideration where these sprinkler heads are located. Are they lining the driveway, or in some other location where they may be run over by a car or lawn mower? Do they appear to be semi-buried in soil? Once you’ve identified the issue it can be as simple as clearing out the debris or replacing the affected heads (or hiring a professional to do it for you).

My System Suddenly Has Low Water Pressure
Have you experienced this? Your irrigation system has been working perfectly and then suddenly, the water pressure seems to lower significantly causing your grass to look dull and dry. This not-uncommon issue can occur when the irrigation pipe running underground is either compressed or even worse, broken. If your sprinkler line is broken underground, chances are you’re also seeing the impact of this on your water bill as you leak water into the ground. Some things you’ll want to consider are: has this occurred due to some external force (like the weight of a car parked above the line, or is it possible this is the natural effects of age.

My Zone Irrigation Strategy Is Malfunctioning
Often we hear from homeowners who are frustrated because their sprinkler zones are not working the way they should. Either one zone simply isn’t working at all, or in some cases, there are multiple zones working at the same time. Either way, it’s an irritation and can cause damage to your grass. This type of problem is almost always caused by an electrical issue at the valve itself. Dealing with problems like this can be complicated, so we recommend that (unless you’ve got some expertise in the field) you call in your sprinkler company to get down to the bottom of it.

A good sprinkler system can make or break your yard, and we know better than most how important it is to have a system that is working properly. Nearly every week we get calls from frustrated homeowners who have struggled to diagnose their own sprinkler system problems and are ready to give up altogether. We understand the desire to fix it yourself, but when you’re ready to get down to the bottom of your irrigation issues, give us a call. We’re happy to help!