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How Will You Know When It Is Time To Invest In Irrigation?

As a homeowner the “to buy” list often feels like it’s miles long. Indoors and out, there is always something to do and hardly any of it is free! However, as you look out the front door and see patches of dry grass dotting your front yard that line item “get an irrigation system,” inches closer to the top. So how do you know when it’s time to pull the trigger and invest in a sprinkler system for your home?
A sprinkler system can often feel like a huge investment, of your time or your money depending on whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional. The decision to finally dedicate some funds to lawn irrigation can feel overwhelming, but it often a necessary step in order to maintain your yard.

Here are some common signs that you should take this step:

Your Yard Is Dry And Brown
Do you see brown patches popping up around your yard? It’s possible that your hand watering technique isn’t quite doing the trick. The Florida heat beats down on your grass for most of the year and all of that exposure may be more than your lawn can handle. Ditch the hose and invest in a new sprinkler system for your yard. Even on your best day, it’s hard to be consistent at hand watering, but a dependable irrigation system will keep your grass looking green and healthy all year long.

You’re Ready To Invest In Landscaping
If you’re ready to make the leap and invest in professional landscaping for your yard, it is absolutely time to consider installing an irrigation system. Good, professional landscaping is not cheap, and without a sprinkler system, you risk losing that investment to the hot Florida sun. Before you hire a designer to update your property, contact Holder Pest Control for a consultation with one of our certified professionals.

You’re Ready To Sell Your House
An existing sprinkler system is a very desirable factor for families looking to purchase a new home. If your home doesn’t currently have a system and you’re hoping to sell it, it is worth the investment to have one installed. You’ll easily make your money back with the sale of your home and you may retain interested buyers who weren’t interested in the hassle of installing a new system.

A quality sprinkler system provides you with the convenient and consistent watering of your lawn that will keep it looking great all year long. Plus, who wouldn’t want their kids to have the pleasure of running through sprinklers on a warm summer day? If you’re ready to invest in a quality irrigation system and lawn care services, give us a call today.