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How You Can Keep Pests From Destroying Your Yard

Regular maintenance is the key to managing pest control issues at your home. In Central Florida we have issues with dozens of different yard pests, but dealing with them is key to having a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of.
At Holder Pest Control we customize each lawn treatment to eradicate the pests which threaten to destroy your yard, and our treatments leave your lawn looking healthy and beautiful. When deciding how to treat your lawn we recommend you call us first for a consultation.

In the meantime, while you consider your pest control needs, there are a few important steps you can take to protect your yard. Keeping your yard clean, trimmed, and dry are great steps to take in managing yard pests.

Keep It Clean
Many yard pests thrive in warm, damp places where they have access to food. By managing these types of environments in your yard you can limit the number of pests. Remove any standing water where bugs like mosquitoes will thrive. While they may not destroy your yard, they will make it impossible to enjoy!

Keeping your yard dry can be difficult during a Florida summer, but addressing the shape and grade of your yard can eliminate unnecessary pooling of after a heavy rain. Make sure you rake dead leaves and clean up after fruit trees. Deteriorating plant matter will also attract pests.

Keep It Trimmed
Mow your yard regularly. Some pests, like chinch bugs, thrive in the tall grass. These pests often appear in grass that is in full sunlight and can quickly damage large sections of your yard.

Extreme summer rain often makes regularly mowing difficult, consider hiring a lawn service to maintain your yard and prevent an excess of pests in your grass.

Additionally, some pests live in overgrown trees and bushes. Trim your trees and bushes and eliminate spanish moss from your outdoor living area. Spanish moss is home to chiggers which can cause serious skin irritation.

Keep It Dry
Too much mulch can create a perfectly warm and damp place for pests to congregate. If you do choose to use mulch in your yard, use it sparingly and in areas that get a lot of sun. And consider trimming back tree limbs and vines in areas that get very little sun. The more clean and dry areas there are in your yard, the fewer places there will be for pests to call home.

While these tips may help limit the number of pests in your yard, there is no replacement for consistent professional lawn care. If lawn pests are making your yard look dingy and tired, call Holder Pest and Termite Control for a free, no obligation estimate. We have the right plan to meet your pest control needs.