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Is It Too Late For Termite Control?

When a drywood termite issue has gone untreated for many years it is not uncommon for the homeowner to assume that the property is too far gone and that nothing can be done to fix it. In most cases, that assumption is simply untrue. While termites reproduce quickly, they don’t eat fast enough to lay waste to your home in a matter of years.
That said, there is no time like the present to begin the process of eradicating those nasty pests from your house forever. Termite Control is a science, and while there are do-it-yourself options on the shelves of your local home improvement store, those aren’t the tools you’re looking for. To clean up your drywood termite mess you need professional-grade products implemented by a certified professional. The risk of do-it-yourself products is two-fold: you may not actually get rid of your termites, and the misuse of those chemicals can be harmful to you and your family.

For a house that has gone too long without drywood termite control, you’ll likely want to go straight for fumigation. Fumigation, also known as tenting, is a very safe process that takes approximately 3 days. During the fumigation process, the termite company will literally drape a tent over your home, weight it to the ground, and pump termite exterminating gasses into the structure. The house must remain unoccupied for the entire 3 days until all of the gas has dissipated making it safe for it to be inhabited again. Since the process uses gas, there is no residue left on your furniture or clothing.

Because your home went untreated for so long, the tenting process may just be the beginning of your termite control efforts. While the bugs are gone, the mess they made of your home is still present. Over time as you are ready to repair the damage left by your drywood termite foe, consider hiring a contractor who can inspect your home for structural issues that need to be handled. As you repair each new beam and window frame your home will become safer for you and your family.

But tenting and necessary repairs are not the last stage in your termite control journey. Make sure you’ve planned for long-term termite treatments. Engage a pest control company to come out regularly and treat your whole property for termite and any other pests that might threaten your property.

Chances are, your home isn’t too far gone. But before those pesky termites damage any more of your floor joists, give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for all of your pest and termite control needs.