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Lawn Care That Enhances Your Holiday Curb Appeal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And you and your family are gearing up to decorate your property for the season. But don’t let a dull winter lawn detract from your holiday cheer. While the lack of rain has caused your grass growing to slow to a halt, there is still lawn care work that can be done to make the outside of your home as fun as the inside. Here are some of our favorite holiday curb appeal lawn care tips to keep in mind this winter.
Clear Fall Leaves
As the temperature drops in Florida, even if it never drops very low, the leaves on your trees will begin to fall to the ground creating a blanket over your lawn. It’s great to clean these up as they fall for the sake of appearances, but cleaning up fall leaves as another important purpose. That blanket of leaves can hold in moisture and block out sunlight which may cause bacteria to grow and threaten the life of your grass come springtime. Once your lawn is clear there will be plenty of space to set up your favorite decorations.

Maintenance Of Trees And Bushes
If you’re hoping to hang lights or other decorations in your trees and bushes you may have decided to trim back your trees and bushes and make the best of your lawn. However, late fall and winter are not the best time to tackle this project. Trimming back your foliage at this point leaves a wound that could cause long-term damage once the weather gets cold. If trimming your trees absolutely must happen, you should wait until all of the leaves have fallen and the tree is dormant. In advance of next year’s holiday season, you may want to mark your calendar to trim your trees at the end of next summer before the weather begins to change.

Know When To Water
You may be wondering how watering your lawn will affect your holiday decorations. Make sure whatever you have is at least somewhat waterproof because your lawn will need to be watered this winter, though not as frequently as it is during the rest of the year. While in the spring you’ll water your lawn every three to five days, your winter lawn only needs to be watered every two to three weeks. Hold off on watering when temperatures dip below freezing. As you plan your holiday decor, it’s helpful to choose items for display which won’t cover too much of the lawn making it difficult to water.

We’ve finally reached that glorious season when your grass doesn’t need to be mowed several times a week to keep up with its outrageous growth. But even in the face of slowing growth, there are some important lawn care tips and tricks for you to follow. For more information about how to keep your grass looking beautiful all year round, give us a call and we’ll send a certified expert out to assess your yard.