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Lawn Care Tips For Beating The Summer Heat

Summer is upon us here in Florida. And while summertime ushers in lots of fun in the sun at the beach, family BBQs, and vacations, it also brings the often unbearable heat. Hot summers are not great for lawns, and many amateur home gardeners lament that this time of year is when everything seems to go awry. Between the scorching sun and the torrential afternoon rains, it can be difficult to find a happy medium in the lawn care department this time of year. But, don’t you worry, we have some ideas of how to keep your lawn looking great all year round.
Choose Native Florida Plants
You might really love a specific flowering bush, but if it isn’t native to Florida, there is a good chance that is is not biologically cut out for this climate. So each year, when you keep replanting those same plants, it may not be your gardening skills that are lacking, but your plant choosing skills. Consider the types of plants you see when you go to the beach. Thick, hearty grasses grow naturally and abundantly because they can withstand the summer sun. So when choosing plants for your yard, look for those with the same characteristics. In addition to an increased survival rate, these plants require less maintenance and less watering throughout the year. Not only will you save on your plant replacement bill, but you may just save on your water bill as well.

Be Smart About Placement
Do you have a big patch of grass that just can’t seem to grow the way you want it to? Take a moment and consider how much water and sunlight that area is getting. Depending upon the location of existing trees and bushes in your yard, there may be areas that will always get too much sun exposure during the summer. You can fiddle with the sprinkler system all you want, but long days of direct sunlight will continue to take a toll on your grass. So think of your yard as a landscape designer might. How can you get the most out of each planting and each segment of your lawn by thinking through the ideal placement of each item?

Summertime doesn’t have to be the end of your lawn care journey for the year. With some intentional planning, you can create a lawn that survives and even thrives all year long. If, after years of trial and error, you’re ready to reach out for help, give us a call today.