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Lawn Care Tips For Growing Grass In Your Shady Yard

While many Florida homeowners battle overexposure to the sun in their yards, there are still many others who struggle to get enough sun to allow their grass to grow thick and healthy. Most grasses require a consistent amount of sunlight, so when it is limited your grass will struggle to grow no matter what treatment you give it.
Here are 3 tips for addressing the grass in your shady yard:

1. Plant a new type of grass
There are some species of grass that thrive in shaded yards, so instead of trying to make your current grass work, consider swapping it out for a different grass all together. St. Augustine is a great example of shade tolerant grass, and it is also very common in Florida. If your current grass isn’t working out, consider installing some new, St. Augustine Sod. Your yard will be beautiful and green in no time.

2. Prune your trees
If your yard is highly shaded because of a canopy of beautiful trees, we recommend you prune them to allow enough light to peek through to keep the rest of your plants healthy and thriving. Trimming up your trees is also an excellent safety provision, especially at the beginning of hurricane season. Often old trees drop unhealthy and waterlogged branches during and after a big storm that could be potentially hazardous to your family home. Shed some new light on your lawn with regular tree trimming.

3. Skip the grass
If you just can’t seem to grow grass in the shade of your beautiful old oak tree, skip it all together! Some homeowners choose to go the native plant route which is also very cost effective as it requires less watering than traditional grass. Another option for covering those areas at the base of a large shade tree is mulch. So if you’re tired of fighting this lawn care battle, consider choosing another option for the shadiest areas of your lawn.

A yard full of beautiful shade trees is desirable to most homeowners, but along with that comes a host of issues for your lawn. Your lawn makes a bold statement about your home, so don’t let dead grass get in the way of your ideal yard. Whatever solution you choose, you don’t have to go it alone. Call us today for a free lawn consultation with one of our experienced representatives. Together we can find a lawn care solution for your home.