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Pest Control For Pet Owners

If you’re a pet owner you know first hand how special a dog or cat (or fish or hamster) can be to a family. In many cases, people’s pets are considered members of their family. You also know that pets can complicate your household from time to time. Between finding dog and cat hair on every surface of your home, and muddy paw prints on your clean floors, our beloved pets can be quite the mess. But one of the biggest ways in which they mess up our tidy homes is by inviting unwanted pests inside.
If you’re worried about how your pets may be interrupting your pest control efforts, here are a few tips for maintaining a pest-free home.

Hide The Pet Food
Do you know what pests love? Unfettered access to food. That is exactly what your dog’s food bowl is to a hungry cockroach or a family of ants. It’s common for pet owners to leave food out during the day and allow their pets to graze whenever they feel hungry, but it’s a habit that we do not recommend. Before you go out and buy some at-home pest control contraptions take some time to get your pets on a feeding schedule so that you can remove their food, and clean their dirty bowls when they’re not in use.

This also applies to food that you keep in its original, unsealed bag. Make sure to invest in a sealable container and always transfer pet food into it directly after opening. And beware of pets who might hide their food behind furniture to be eaten at a later date!

Treat Your Pets For Fleas and Ticks
The other pest control issue that most pet owners will face at least once in their lives is an infestation of fleas. Your playful pup, whose favorite activity is rolling around in your grass, will become flea infestation patient zero if not treated regularly for fleas and ticks. Speak with your veterinarian to make sure that your pets are adequately medicated.

You may think that fleas are just your pet’s problem, but once they’re in your home they can find their way into your carpets and upholstery making them very difficult to get rid of.

Our pets bring so much joy to our lives, but do you know what else they bring? Bugs. Yep, that sweet, cuddly kitten (and her open bag of dry food) is a walking, meowing invitation for yucky pests to invade your home. If you need help protecting your home and family from whatever your pet got into last, give us a call today.