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Pest Control Recommendations For 3 Common Ant Species

Most of us see the minuscule, black, segmented body with six tiny legs and think ant. And you wouldn’t be wrong about that. However, we may not realize that there are lots and lots of different kinds of ants found in the United States. Each one of them has a different impact on their environment, and often need to be treated differently.
Below is a list of three ant species that are commonly found in and around homes and the pest control methods that are most effective for them.

1. Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants look a lot like regular ants, but in general, they are much larger. And it’s also important to note that they can cause quite a bit of damage to your home. As the name suggests, Carpenter Ants are quite fond of wood. Like Termites, they chew through wood and overtime dig tunnels within the walls and beams of your home. Unlike termites, they don’t actually consume the wood, simply destroy it.

There are a number of different at-home pest control products that claim to eliminate Carpenter Ants, but as with termites, our best recommendation is to call a professional and correct the issues which attracted them in the first place. In most cases, it is excess moisture and rotting wood that attracts these pests, so sealing up your home and tidying up your property are quick ways to get rid of them.

2. Odorous House Ants
While you may not be familiar with the name, Odorous House Ants are pretty common. You’re probably picturing them right now. That unrelenting trail of tiny bugs that always seems to find its way into your kitchen. While Odorous House Ants I don’t pose the same risk that Carpenter Ants do to your home, they surely aren’t welcome guests.

These ants, like all others, are on a hunt for food. Keeping your kitchen and home clean of the tasty snacks they’re looking for is the key to getting rid of them. Get rid of their food and they’ll take the party elsewhere.

3. Fire Ants
Is there anything worse than a fire ant bite? Of course, that’s a silly question there are plenty of worse things, but unlike snakes and tarantulas, fire ants hide easily in grassy areas that make them hard to identify. And boy do those bites sting!

No matter what kind of ant you have around your home chances are you’d prefer to live without them. Regardless of your favorite DIY pest products, regular and ongoing professional pest control is the best way to control ants at your home. One visit from a pest pro may help get rid of them, regular visits are the key to avoiding their return. For more information about your pest control options, contact us today.

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