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Pest Control Secrets: Where Are These Roaches Hiding?

Cockroaches are a pest generally despised and extremely prolific in central Florida. Most roaches are attracted to warmth, darkness, and humidity which are all things found easily in the cracks and crevices of your home. Contrary to popular belief, keeping an extremely clean home will not, in and of itself, keep these unsightly pests out of your home.
Here are some places you might be surprised to know that cockroaches are hiding out:

Kitchen Appliances
Not only do roaches hide behind your appliances, but in some cases, they can be found living inside the appliances in your kitchen. In addition to providing all the warmth and humidity they love, it’s no surprise that a room filled with food products would attract these hungry pests. The pest control DIYer in you may be feeling a bit squeamish at the idea of roaches living in your home, and for the most part, home pest control is not 100% effective at getting rid of these pests.

Another place you might not be surprised to hear that cockroaches are hiding out is inside your kitchen cabinets. These spaces remain dark most of the time, and like your appliances, are in close proximity to food sources. While you may not notice with the naked eye, cockroaches can shimmy their bodies into tiny cracks and crevices in your cabinets making them almost impossible to find.

Another toasty, warm place that cockroaches like to hide out and lay eggs is inside your electronics. Not only is this infestation gross, but it can cause long-term damage to your expensive equipment.

Cardboard Boxes
We’ve all at one point or another sifted through partially opened boxes in the garage to find the remains of a cockroach or two. This is in part because the boxes provide the dark hiding spaces that roaches love, but also because cardboard, like other paper products, is a source of food for the pests. By doing a thorough job of sealing up your boxes you stand a better chance of keeping them out, however, the ideal choice is to use plastic bins in place of cardboard boxes.

Since cockroaches are nocturnal creatures it’s easy to miss the clues that they are living comfortably inside your home. If you’re beginning to wonder whether or not you have unwanted guests, call a professional pest control service. While DIY pest control solutions may take down a few of your uninvited cockroaches, there is little chance that these solutions will do an effective job of ridding your whole home of them. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate with a certified professional.