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Pest Control Solutions For Getting Rid Of Roaches

Is it just us, or are cockroaches some of the grossest bugs around? And the truth is, some (but not all) cockroaches are dirty and carry diseases that they pick up from their environment and track through your home on their bodies. So there is a good reason to want them out of your house. Plus, cockroaches are known for triggering allergies and even asthma in people living in infested homes. I think we can all agree that roaches are less than desirable housemates, but are your pest control methods enough to send them packing?
Where Are They Coming From?
Just like us, roaches need food and shelter to thrive. Unfortunately, they find those things in abundance at your house. Like many other pests, they’re particularly attracted to dark damp places, so don’t be surprised if you find them hiding under your sink or in other places where water might be readily available. Roaches are also nocturnal, so you may not see any during the daytime and be shocked to see one in the bathroom in the middle of the night. They often creep out of their hiding places in the dark to eat crumbs off the counter or feed off of dirty dishes left in the sink.

What Can We Do?
The first thing you should do when you begin to see cockroaches in and around your home is to call your local pest control expert. These yucky bugs are notoriously evasive and the shoe-smooshing method is not an effective tool for eliminating an infestation. Take this opportunity to thoroughly clean the areas of your home where they might find the food and shelter they’re looking for. Deep clean your kitchen and bathrooms, and throw away any open containers of food that they might have come into contact with. Since roaches love a damp environment, keep your eye out for any place where pipes may be leaking and repair that damage immediately. Not only does it attract pests, but it may cause irreparable damage to your home.

Don’t Do It Yourself
Many homeowners have the instinct to head to their local home improvement store to by pest control chemicals to ward off a roach infestation. We recommend you avoid this method for a couple of reasons. First, those chemicals can be dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced and not careful homeowner. Also, your spot treatment is not a great long term solution to managing pests. By hiring a pest control professional you can get out ahead of an infestation and ward off cockroaches before they ever become a problem.

Roaches are gross. But you don’t need to resign yourself to the idea that they’re just going to keep coming back year after year. Take control of your pest problem by hiring a pest control service to protect your home from roaches and any other unwanted house guests. If you’re currently suffering from unwanted creepy crawlies, contact us today and a member of our team will come out to give you a free estimate.