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Pest Control Solutions for Those Pesky Ants in Your Kitchen

Do you have an ant infestation in your kitchen? As summer rolls around and our weather gets warmer, ants are coming out of hiding to run amok on your property and in your home. While it may seem easy to get some DIY products and handle the problem yourself, most of the products you can find in your local home improvement store are ineffective and can be toxic to small children and pets.
While we absolutely recommend that you hire a professional pest control service to manage your ant issues, here are some additional tactics that may relieve your pest problems:

Seal Up Their Entry
Ants can squeeze their little bodies through cracks and crevices you may not be able to see. Do a little investigation and see exactly where they are coming from. If it appears that your ant population is entering your kitchen from a windowsill or from under your sink, you may be able to seal it off with some caulk. This may only be a temporary fix, but it’s a good place to start until you can get a pest control professional onto your property.

Remove Food Sources
That container of muffins left on your counter may be too tempting for ants to avoid. If you’d like to reduce the number of pests invading your kitchen, a good place to start is to seal up any open food containers or store more food in the refrigerator.

Clean The Sink
Ants have a better sense of smell than other insects by four to five times. This means, just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean they can’t. A couple of crumbs from last nights dinner left in your sink may be too hard for an ant colony to resist. Once you’ve cleaned all your dishes, take a sponge and rinse out the sink before bed.

Ant-proof Pet Bowls
You may be surprised to hear that there is such a thing as ant-proof pet bowls. These bowls make it more difficult for ants to access your pet’s food by integrating a mote of water the ants have to pass through before getting to your pet’s kibble. This is by no means recommended as a permanent solution to your ant problem but is a great investment while you begin researching the right pest control service for you.

Take Out The Trash
Thanks again to their superior senses of smell, you may be inviting ants into your house with your kitchen trash. While it may seem convenient to buy a giant trash can that can hold several gallons of garbage, your food waste is piling up attracting unwanted pests into your kitchen. Do yourself a favor and swap the big trash can out for something small that can fit under your sink.

Don’t suffer another day from the infestation of an ant army. Try implementing some of these helpful tips and then call us right away. At Holder Pest Control we’ve been protecting local homes from ants and other obnoxious pests for 40 years. Contact us today and we’ll send a certified specialist out to put your ant issues to an end.

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