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Pest Control Solutions For Your Furry Infestation

Do you lie awake at night hearing rodents scurry around in your attic? Or find curious little holes chewed into the sides of your cereal box. We have news for you, you don’t have to live this way! If you’re having pest control issues and are ready to rid your home of these unwanted furry guests, here are some steps to take to get you started.
1. Seal up visible entry points
We can assure you that these furry pests are not walking through walls, so there is some kind of access for them to get inside your home. This first step may take some sleuthing, but you’ll need to seal up any holes or cracks they may be using to get inside your house. Don’t forget to check inside your cabinets and behind your appliances for evidence of an entryway. Once you locate their access point, seal it up. This will limit their access to your living space.

2. Remove food sources
These critters have set up shop in your home because they have access to food and shelter. Take away their access to food and you’ve eliminated half of their interest in your home. This means putting away any fruits and vegetables they could snack on, and removing foods that are in cardboard containers. If putting these boxed foods in a cabinet isn’t keeping them safe, consider transferring them to a glass or plastic container.

3. Set a trap
Once you have taken the necessary steps to pest proof your home, it’s time to consider trapping. There are many ways to trap these animals, some you are likely familiar with are snap traps and glue traps. Each of these is effective, but beware there is a good chance you’ll find yourself with a carcass to dispose of.

For people who want their rodent friends to live, just not in their home, buy a trap that catches the rodent so that it can be released back into the wild. It is recommended that you go at least a mile from your home to release the pests so that they don’t find their way to back!

4. Call Holder’s pest control pros
When all else fails, or if you don’t want to handle this task on your own, call the professionals. Trying to manage a rodent issue on your own is hard and sometimes unpleasant work. A member of our team will happily come by to assess your property and give you a free estimate on how to deal with your pest issues.

Whether you’re an animal lover or not there is no good reason to live with unwanted pests in your home. If you’ve been sharing space with a family of mice or rats, contact us today. Our pest control team has been clearing homes of unwanted visitors for more than three decades.