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Pest Control Tips For Households With Kids

You have a beautiful, clean home and then one day you bring home your first child and within months the place looks like a pigsty. Don’t worry you’re not alone, it happens to the best of us. However, a little bit of mess may be the least of your worries.
You know as well as we do that when children have a tendency to get their hands and faces sticky with food and indiscriminately wipe them on walls, furniture, and anything else they can get their hands on. And if there’s one thing that isn’t great for managing a pest problem, its jam covered fingerprints on your walls. If keeping the bugs at bay has become a full-time job since having kids, you may be interested in the following practical pest control tips.

Designated Eating Areas
Your kids may love to eat their snacks in their pillow fort or lounging in bed, but letting them spread their crumbs all over the house isn’t great for your pest control efforts. As much as you can, limit eating to one central area. Preferably one that is easy to clean. When all your meals and snacks take place over the tile floor in your kitchen or dining room it’s easier to contain the spread of crumbs and other tasty morsels.

Daily Check Of Their Rooms
Do you have a snack thief in your family? It may be wise to do a quick sweep of your kid’s bedrooms and play areas before bed for evidence of food. Bugs like ants and cockroaches are known to have an excellent sense of smell. That’s why they seem to find your kids empty food wrappers before you do. Do yourself and your pest control partner a service by removing any and all accidental bug bait as soon as you find it.

Wipe Down Their Toys
Is there anything children won’t put in their mouths? Especially early on in their lives, it seems like every toy is a chew toy. And all of that saliva, the bits of gnawed on food, and sticky handprints make their playroom a virtual buffet for hungry pests. Eliminate your potential for pest problems by taking a clean cloth and wiping down your children’s toys once a day to remove any evidence of gooey hands.

Each of these tips is only successful as an addition to your existing pest control routine. If you don’t have pest control wiping down toys may not prove to be as impactful an activity as you hope. Are you ready to end your pest-related woes for good? Call us today for a free consultation. We’re here to help!