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Professional Pest Control Has Environmental Benefits

Everyone is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) expert these days. In fact, there’s actually a channel called DIY that – along with several other television channels creates content almost exclusive on the subject. And while DIY may save a few bucks its not always the best idea. Pest control is one area in particular that doing it yourself may cause far more harm than good.
The difference between DIY and professional pest management comes down to a couple of different factors: the quality of the materials, and expertise in using them. The professional that you hire has training and often years (or decades) of personal experience in treating bugs in your area. They know how and where to dispense treatments safely and effectively. Here are some environmental factors you ought to consider before buying products at your local home and garden store.

Bees And Other Pollinators
You mean the best, and all you really want to do is keep your family safe and your home clean. However, inexperienced homeowners have been known to create havoc in their yards. Bees sting, we all know that. But they are also responsible for pollinating the plants which produce the fruits and vegetables that end up on our plates. So when we irresponsibly spray our yards for pests we can accidentally kill these critical species.

Edible Plants and Trees
Do you fancy yourself as a gardener? If so you probably know how to treat your garden for pests. But how do you ensure that the over-the-counter products you’re using to treat your yard don’t impact the food that ends up on your table? Consult a professional to ensure that your pest control methods don’t put your family at risk.

Birds Of Prey
It may seem strange to suggest that you’re at home pest control methods are risking the lives of birds of prey. However, the birds in question tend to feed on the rats and mice that live on your property. When an owl, for example, eats a mouse that has been exposed to at home pest control products it is in danger of being harmed by those products.

Children And Family Pets
Before you head outside to spray the perimeter of your home are you up to date on the safety recommendations for those products? Probably not. Why would you be? Well, the most important reason to be well-informed about the proper usage of products like these is the risk of exposure to our children and even family pets. The materials and the expertise that you get from using a professional company are far worth the expense and knowing that your loved ones are safe and sound.

We all want the same thing, for your home to be rid of unwanted pests in a safe and efficient manner that keeps your family safe. If you’re ready to pass the pest control baton off to the professionals, give us a call today.