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Put An End To Your Turf Battles With A New Sod Install

We know, you’re in the middle of a turf war, and we’re not talking about the Sharks versus the Jets. The battle for the perfect lawn is real and it wages on this summer. You’ve tried every DIY lawn care products on the shelves, you water it like a saint, and mow with efficiency, but nothing seems to work. Well, sometimes, the best next thing to do is give up and start over again from scratch.
Some may argue that a new sod install is expensive, but if you hold the cost of sod up to the accumulated cost of all the products you’ve purchased in the last year to no avail, we’re convinced that often, new sod is the only choice.

Start With A Fresh Palette
Why is sod such an effective way to achieve the lawn you desire? Because it’s the only choice that allows you to start over from a blank slate. No amount of watering or gentle treatment will cause that little bit of St. Augustine grass, surrounded by a moat of weeds, to flourish. Sometimes the best plan is to start fresh, remove the weeds and debris, uncover the soil, and plant something fresh.

Hire The Pros To Maintain It
You can buy a pallet of sod and do the work yourself, but why would you when you could hire professionals to ensure the job gets done right the first time? Your sod install is an investment, and you deserve a strong team of people executing and maintaining that investment. You see, simply dropping new sod onto the ground and walking away won’t cure your lawn problems. Not even close. You need some professional support to keep your lawn looking beautiful for the long haul. This includes the installation and maintenance of a high-quality irrigation system to make sure your new grass is getting the water it needs when it needs it, as well as ongoing lawn care services that will reduce weeds and pests and provide a nutrient-rich diet.

Stop fighting a losing battle against the weeds, pests, and unhealthy grass in your yard. Your lawn could be better and stronger than ever with the addition of a new sod install that will make all of your neighbors jealous. If you’re ready to pull the trigger and make a change for the better, contact us today. Our team of lawn care professionals can give you a nice, clean slate, and provide you with the ongoing support you need to maintain a pristine lawn.