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Say Adios To These Unwanted Kitchen Pests

We’ve all seen them before. The parade of tiny ants marching across your kitchen counter in search of sustenance, coming from who knows where. They’re commonly referred to as sugar ants, though their species’ may vary. But no matter what we call them, they’re most certainly known for being a nuisance. And doesn’t it seem like ant traps and sprays never seem to solve the sugar ant dilemma? Try these tips to say “bye bye” to sugar ants once and for all.
Treat The Outside Of Your Home
You can tell that the ants are coming in from somewhere behind your microwave, but where are they really coming from? In order to find their entry point, you may have to move things around and even step outside to investigate. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a trail of ants leading all the way across your driveway straight to your home’s foundation. You see, this annoying sugar ant problem you have doesn’t start in the kitchen, it starts by protecting the perimeter of your home.

Keep The Counter Clean
This may seem obvious, and we’re sure you’re already wiping down your counter after using it. However, if you’re only using a damp sponge you may be simply spreading food particles around, and even if you can see or smell it, those pesky ants and their extremely strong sense of smell can. Try cleaning your counters after each use with a disposable wipe with bleach in it. Or, if you’d prefer not to use bleach, make your own solution from a mixture of water and vinegar.

Break Up With DIY Methods
We know, this seems like a simple thing you should be able to handle yourself, and we don’t doubt that you’re capable. However, your DIY pest control methods may offer more risk than reward. As a homeowner you want to get rid of the pests without risking your family’s health. Quit chasing these ants around for good and call in a professional who knows where to treat and how to keep your family safe in the war against sugar ants.

It’s amazing that such small bugs can become such an annoyance! You don’t have to live with these tiny pests any longer. If you’ve tried everything above and you still can’t manage to control your sugar ant problem, give us a call today. We’ll send one of our certified professionals out to your home for a free estimate and solution to your pest control woes.