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Should I Fumigate My Home For Termites?

Most Florida homeowners are very familiar with termites and the most effective treatments. Living in an environment where termites thrive makes it hard to avoid this information. However, many aren’t familiar with the different types of termites they might encounter or which treatment is typical for each type. Here in Volusia County, we have two primary varieties of termites: drywood and subterranean. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your home from them:

Treating Drywood Termites

Fumigation is the top recommended treatment for homes with drywood termites in Volusia County. Drywood termites typically swarm in the springtime, searching for a new home to infest. Once they make themselves home in your walls, drywood termites can cause significant damage in a much shorter time period than you might think.

If you’ve ever driven by a building draped in bright-colored tarps, you’ve seen a house undergo fumigation. Commonly called tenting, the process is highly effective and completely safe. While you don’t want to be inside a home while it is fumigated, the treated home is completely safe after it has had time to air out.

Treating Subterranean Termites

While drywood termite swarms can make them easier to spot, subterranean termites don’t swarm; they enter your home from underground. These termites can cause more damage than drywoods, but fortunately, the treatment for them is less intrusive. You don’t have to leave your home, and you can avoid drawing attention to your infestation with the giant, colorful tent.

Like fumigation, subterranean termite treatments are highly efficient. However, since subterranean termites live underground, the treatments are focused on the ground around your home. That means you don’t have to worry about scheduling a few days to move out of your home, and you can be sure the treatments are safe around your kids and pets.

The key to successful termite control is always spotting issues as early as possible so they can be eliminated. Termites are hungry, busy bugs, and the longer they’re allowed to live undisturbed in your home, the more damage they will cause. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a termite issue, the pros at Holder Pest Control can help you diagnose your problem and recommend an appropriate treatment. Our certified Termidor® technicians strive to provide great pest control and incredible customer service.

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