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Some Of The Long-Term Risks Of Avoiding Fumigation

You’re probably familiar with some of the warning signs of termite infestation. From finding bits of frass on your window sill to discovering the tubes that subterranean termites build on the exterior of your home’s foundation you know the early signs of termites. And while termites move fairly slowly, it’s important to get a handle on your infestation before it’s too late.
During the cold months, as termite activity seems to slow down, it can be tempting to hold off on fumigation. But as warmer days come so does the increase of termite destruction.

Termites Eat Ceilings, Floors, Windows, And Doors
Early on in the life of the termite colony invading your home, they tend to stay pretty quiet showing only a little evidence here or there of their existence. But the longer you wait, the more territory they begin to take up. Termites that were feasting on your home’s siding or studs will eventually move on to your windows, doors, floors, and ceiling. The more they devour the more unsafe your home becomes, and repairs to floor and ceiling joists are costly. Before the termite damage to your home begins to take a toll on your family’s safety, invest in home fumigation, it’s well worth the expense.

A Sweet And Musty Smell
Termites themselves don’t have a distinct smell, however, as they eat through the wet and rotting wood of your house it may begin to smell musty and even sweet from fungus growing on damp wood. This is just a sign that the damage is getting severe and action needs to be taken. Even after you treat your home with fumigation, it may be difficult to remove the smell until the affected wood is replaced.

Your Heirloom Furniture Is Ruined
Once termite infestation gets to an extreme level you will see the damage move on to your cabinets and furniture. Cabinets are replaceable, but it will certainly cost much more than paying to have your home fumigated. Plus, it’s a sad day when your family’s heirloom furniture succumbs to bugs, and the damage caused is irreparable.

You have a lot of items on your home’s to do list, and it’s difficult to juggle which task deserves your attention next. If termites are threatening the safety of your home you must make home fumigation a top priority. If you’re ready to invest in this critical home care, contact us today and we’ll send a pest control expert out to your home for a free estimate. Don’t wait until the long-term risks become your reality.