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Some Unexpected Benefits Of Investing In Irrigation

In the middle of summer, you depend on your irrigation system to keep your grass healthy and green. But there are so many added benefits of investing in a high-quality sprinkler system. Here are a few that we think will make a new sprinkler system a priority for your family this summer.
Family Fun In The Sun
Do you remember, as a child, running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day? It was one of the best ways to beat the summer heat, and kids these days enjoy it as much as we did. Families without pools at home no longer have to suffer the summer doldrums inside in order to stay cool. Whether your kids are playing freely in the sprinkler, slip and sliding across the lawn, or coming up with creative games, your irrigation system puts the fun in functional!

Grow Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
In addition to maintaining healthy green grass, your irrigation system can also do its part in helping you maintain a healthy body. As modern homesteading continues to rise in popularity, more and more families are growing and raising their own food. If building a raised bed garden is a priority for your family, you’ll want to invest in drip irrigation. Using the drip method rather than the traditional sprinkler method will allow all of your plants to get a uniform amount of water, and by using the timer that is part of your sprinkler system you can ensure that your plants are watered on regular increments.

Protect Birds And Other Wildlife
Just as we need a break from the summer sun, so too do the birds and other wildlife that inhabit our yards. Your irrigation system provides much-needed water so that birds stay hydrated, clean, and cool. One way to increase the benefit your sprinkler system provides to the local bird population is to get a bird bath so they have a dependable source of water even when your sprinkler system isn’t running.

If maintaining your beautiful grass wasn’t enough motivation to invest in a sprinkler system for your home, these other benefits may just turn the tide for you. While summer in Florida can bring periods of heavy rain, it is often swapped out with periods of extremely dry heat, and in those times you will be glad to have a system in place to protect your yard and keep your family and local wildlife cool! If you’re ready to make an investment in a new sprinkler system, contact us today. We’ll send out one of our certified professionals to give you a free estimate.