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The 3 Lawn Care Factors That You Envy Most In Your Neighbor’s Lawn

You know that feeling when you drive down your street and see house after house with pristine grass. Then suddenly, you pull up to your own home and things don’t look quite as lovely as they could. Managing your turf is a mystery to some. What is it about those other yards that are so much nicer than yours? What in the world can you do to raise the bar? We believe great lawn care can be determined by three visible factors: color, texture, and height.
Getting It The Right Color
Those lawns in your neighborhood that you can’t get enough of have one thing in common. They’re all a beautiful, luxurious green color. A beautiful green lawn is a clear sign of healthy grass that is well-watered and fertilized. Often homeowners struggle to achieve this level of green and end up with a dry and faded turf. This phenomenon can occur for a number of reasons. In Florida, the summer weather vacillates back and forth between extreme heat and extreme amounts of rain which can make feeding and watering your grass difficult. But when you a regular, professional lawn care service you can take the guesswork out of managing your lawn and leave it to the experts.

Keeping It Consistent
Do you have sections of grass that look fantastic, flanked by sections that look a little less loved? This lack of consistency in appearance is probably due to a lack of consistency in treatment. Even though you have a sprinkler system installed, you may not be giving all of your grass the same amount of water. Work with your lawn care service to ensure that your irrigation water is spreading evenly across your lawn. You’ll also want to take notice of areas in which the water pools when it rains, it may be the case that your uneven lawn is not allowing water to drain properly and causing damage to your grass.

Maintaining Optimal Height
Your neighbor with the perfect lawn seems to have mastered the art of mowing to the perfect height. It may not seem like it matters much, but when grass is cut too short it can actually damage the root of the plant itself. So, while it may feel more convenient to cut it very short, less frequently, you’re actually doing more damage than you think. Ideally, you want your grass to be two and a half inches tall. Any shorter and you’re damaging the plant, any higher and it looks unruly.

There are lots of tricks to maintaining the most beautiful lawn on the block, and to the lawn care novice, the whole thing can feel overwhelming. Just remember to focus on these three critical components of a beautiful lawn and you’ll be set! Or, you can do what all of those neighbors of yours are probably doing and hire a professional to manage your lawn care for you. Give us a call today and we’ll help give you the edge you need to compete in your neighborhood.