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The Only Truly “Natural” Termite Control

If you were to google termite control you’d find a seemingly endless list of concoctions that supposedly put an end to the termites in your home. People recommended soaps, essential oils, even the little silica ball packets that come inside a brand new purse. While those do-it-yourself tips may have worked once or twice (thus beginning the lore that exists around them now), none of them are the ideal way to eradicate termites from your home. Just as in much of life, the cheapest and easiest solution is not generally the best or most effective one.
Ultimately, research shows that professional home fumigation is the most effective type of termite control. And unlike many of the at-home techniques, by handing your pest problem over to the professionals, you can trust that it’s also very safe.

But termites have been on this earth much longer than you and I have been concerned homeowners. So, it had me wondering, what is the original termite control method?

Termite Predators
It turns out that a lot of different species like to make a meal out of termites. Mammals, marsupials, reptiles, birds, and even spiders have been known to prey on these pests in locations all over the world. In some parts of the world, they’re actually eaten by humans as well. Obviously, no one expects you to eat your termite colony into submission, but it’s refreshing to know that these critters we tend to fear so much are lunch to some animal somewhere. However, because some species of ant eat termites, seeing a large number of ants or other termite predators around your home could be a warning sign that a termite food source is nearby.

Termites Are Useful
It’s often hard to wrap your mind around the idea that bugs which are so problematic to us as homeowners, actually serve a really important purpose in nature. While we’re busy trying to control the termites in our homes, termites are even busier controlling the level of decaying tree and plant matter on the forest floor. Just like earthworms, termites are a valuable part of the ecosystems they naturally find themselves in.

Beating Them At Their Own Game
While these facts are interesting, we know they don’t address your biggest concern of keeping termites out of your home for good. But hopefully, it’s helpful to know that they are beneficial to the environment. And now that you know their purpose in the world, you can apply it to your own home. We know that termites eat decaying wood, so by removing products like that from your property you reduce your risk of an infestation.

We hope this information has broadened your perspective on termites and termite control. We respect anyone who is trying to use “natural” methods for cleaning up termites. However, you should know that they are generally less effective and consume more time and resources than investing in high-quality, professional services. Call us today to learn more about our fumigation and other termite control services.