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The Risks of Having A Broken Irrigation System

We’ve all seen the homes or businesses whose irrigation systems are sprinkling more of the sidewalk and passersby than it is their actual yard. In case there’s any confusion on the subject, this isn’t how a sprinkler system is supposed to operate. A properly functioning sprinkler system will help you to maintain healthy and beautiful grass and plants.
Here are some of the risks of not fixing your broken irrigation system:

Flooding Under And Above Ground
A very frequent irrigation problem is flooding. This can occur in a number of different ways. Some lawns experience flooding when the sprinkler system is directing too much water to low-lying areas causing water to pool. If this is the case in your lawn, you’ll first want to have your sprinkler heads adjusted so that the water spread easily across the entire lawn. Then, you might consider having your yard graded to get rid of low areas and allow water to drain normally away from your property.

Another very common cause of flooding in lawns is broken irrigation pipes. This can occur when someone nicks a pipe while digging a hole to plant flowers, when someone drives across your lawn, or from general wear and tear. A hole in a pipe can cause a leak from a small drip to something far worse underground without you even realizing it. If an issue like this isn’t dealt with in a timely manner you, the homeowner, can sustain serious losses.

Dry Spots Or Dead Spots On Your Lawn
The opposite of flooding may also occur when a sprinkler system isn’t functioning properly. That sprinkler that is watering the sidewalks is also not watering another part of your yard. Long periods of time without water, especially in the heat of a Florida summer, will cause grass to wilt and dry. Before this problem gets worse, hire a pro to come adjust your sprinkler heads. In other cases, homeowners may notice that a sprinkler head is not operating as well as the others. Any time that your system is under-performing you are at risk of a dry and under-watered lawn. If you suspect this to be an issue for you, call a certified irrigation professional to help you get your system back online.

Suddenly Elevated Water Bills
You may not notice that water pooling in your front yard, but you’ll definitely notice when your water bill comes and its three times the normal amount. There are costs to having to replace or treat your lawn due to a poorly working sprinkler system, but more than anything you’ll notice the direct costs of wasted water running down the road. As soon as you see an unusual spike in your water bill, take a look at your lawn and you may find the culprit.

Your lawn is the first impression that your home makes, and a sprinkler system can make or break your lawn. If you’ve noticed that your lawn isn’t looking its best there’s no better time than the present to call in a professional to have it analyzed. For more information about Holder Termite and Pest Control and our sprinkler systems, contact us today.