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The Truth About Ultrasonic Pest Control

One of the newer trends in home pest control is the ultrasonic pest repeller which emits high-frequency sounds to repel rodents and other pests. These devices release ultrasound which is too high pitched for human ears but is highly disturbing to some animals. In theory, these devices sound great, like they may be a one-time solution to all of your pest control needs, but are they really the thing you’ve been looking for?
Here are some things we think you should know before purchasing your own ultrasonic pest repellent device:

Mind Your Pets
While most household pets are not able to hear ultrasound, there is some degree of ultrasonic waves that can be heard by cats and dogs. So, whether or not the device works on your pest problem, it may be uncomfortable for your furry family members. Unfortunately, there is not a good way to know how your cat or dog will react to an ultrasonic pest repellent device until you have it plugged in at your home.

Devices Are Short Range
You may think that you can simply plug in your new ultrasonic pest repeller anywhere and say goodbye to your pest problems for good. However, there is a limit to the range of these devices. When placed inside, your ultrasonic repeller can be blocked by furniture or walls. And outside, your device may be blocked or even limited by distance. If you choose to use ultrasonic technology for outdoor pest control, consider placing your device closest to the area where you spend the most time. That’s most likely close to your home on a deck or porch.

Don’t Expect Total Elimination
Ultrasonic devices work by creating a psychological reaction in pests that confuses them and drives them away from your home. However, unlike traditional pest control methods, these devices can’t assure a perfect result. While the ultrasound deters many pests it doesn’t eliminate them. If you want to use this technology to cut down on the pests in your home and on your property we recommend that you do so in tandem with the support of a professional. Especially when it comes to pests that might carry disease.

It’s natural to look for new and innovative ways to deal with your home pest issues, but before you invest in ultrasonic pest repellers make sure you do your research. There is no better method for controlling pests than to have your home treated by a professional. If you’re ready to rid your home of pests for good, give us a call today.