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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Move: Professional Pest Control

It’s that time of year again when we all feel motivated to clean and refresh our personal spaces. If there’s anything we can recommend during your spring clean this year, it’s to tackle your pest problem once and for all. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably battle the same contingent of unwanted pests year after year. We hope this will be the year you decide enough is enough and hire a professional pest control company to kick those bugs to the curb.

So, what’s the difference between hiring a professional company and going the DIY route? Well, the truth is there’s a lot that is different. Here are some of the most valuable things you get from hiring a professional pest company that you can’t easily achieve alone.

Professional Care Is Consistent

Most pest professionals schedule visits to your home at regular intervals. Unlike DIY treatments, our team is trained to treat your home effectively every time. They don’t depend upon the latest YouTube video to determine how and when to treat pests. If you want dependable pest services, consider leaving it in the hands of people with expertise and experience to get the job done right.

Saves Time and Money

The theory with DIY is that you save money by doing it yourself. But when it comes to pest services, that’s rarely ever true. Ineffective pest control is more expensive because treatment usually doesn’t get the job done right. Stop spending your weekends searching your local hardware store for the chemical that will solve your newest pest problem, and let the Holder team take care of your issues for you.

Prevents Future Infestations

Often, homeowners find themselves walking the aisles of their local big box store, looking for the right pest treatment in reaction to an existing infestation. When you hire a professional, you get preventative maintenance to prevent an infestation from occurring.

Issues Caught Early

If you can’t prevent an infestation, you want to catch it as soon as possible. When a pest professional comes to your home regularly, you can rest assured they will catch a problem before it becomes an emergency.

The team at Holder Pest and Termite Control has decades of combined experience treating a range of pest-related issues. You would unlikely experience a pest issue they have not yet encountered. That fact alone should give you confidence that we are prepared to serve your needs and keep your family home safe for many years to come. Please contact our office today if you’d like to learn more about our pest services.

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