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These Cockroach Facts Are The Best Pest Control Motivation

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are squeamish at the sight of cockroaches and those who are pest control professionals. Ok, perhaps that’s a stretch, but we can tell you from our decades of experience in the pest control industry that cockroaches are pretty high up on the list of the world’s most hated pests. If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a pest control company to protect your home from cockroaches and other unwanted pests, we think these cockroach facts may just push you over the edge.

A Cockroach Can Live Without Its Head For Up To a Week

Why not start with the absolute weirdest cockroach fact we can find? Yes, you read that right, a cockroach can indeed live for up to a week without its head attached. How’s that possible? While a person would bleed out without their head, a cockroach’s neck simply scabs over preventing it from bleeding to death. Additionally, cockroaches don’t depend on their brains to control their vital functions. So, while a cockroach may not live forever without their noggin they sure can live a whole lot longer than you’d hope. So next time to take an old tennis shoe to a cockroach, make sure you get more than just its head. And if you find yourself battling with cockroaches a little too often, it’s probably time to call professional pest control.

Cockroaches Are an Allergen

Are the members of your family struggling with an undiagnosed allergy? They may be allergic to cockroaches. The proteins in the bodily fluids of cockroaches (yuck!) cause the same kind of allergic reactions as seasonal allergens and can exacerbate existing issues like asthma. If you’re thinking that your family may be struggling with this issue you can take daily allergy medicine, or call a pest control professional. The solution seems clear to us!

They Are Some Of The Fastest Insects On The Planet

If you’ve ever tried to smoosh a cockroach you know exactly how fast those critters can move. But we’re guessing you don’t know the extent of it. According to research, a cockroach can move the equivalent of 50 body lengths in one second. Translating that to human scale, that would be about 200 miles per hour. No wonder your method of a rolled-up newspaper as pest control isn’t eliminating your cockroach problem. Next time you see a cockroach sprinting around your kitchen, it may be time to call a professional pest control company to save the day.

German Cockroaches Are Most Common in Human Habitats

There are thousands of different types of cockroaches in the world. Of them all, only 30 or so are found in the same environments as humans. Of those 30, the one you see most frequently is called the German Cockroach. In particular, German Cockroaches are found most often infesting restaurants, hotels, and other institutional facilities. Like other pests, these roaches are in search of one thing: sustenance. You’ll most often find these pests in areas where food and water are present and easily accessible. Where you see one German cockroach there are more hiding. We recommend you call a pest control professional immediately so you can get an infestation like this under control as soon as possible.

They Can Go Weeks Without Food Or Water 

We’ve talked before about the importance of removing temptation like scraps of food and open containers as a first pest control defense for your home. Unfortunately, even this isn’t a quick fix. It turns out that cockroaches can go weeks and even months without food and water. If you have made an effort to keep your kitchen clean of food scraps, stay vigilant! And when those nasty pests eventually return, call a pest control professional for long-lasting support.

Cockroaches Are as Old as Dinosaurs

If it seems as though your battle against cockroaches will never end, let us remind you that these bugs are as old as dinosaurs. Ok, maybe not the ones in your house, but the species has persisted against all odds for thousands of years. That is some serious determination, and that level of determination must be met with equally determined pest control efforts. 

As the weather warms up you’ll want to be spending your time playing outside with your family, not swatting cockroaches in your kitchen. We know how much you hate cockroaches and that’s why we want to help you keep your home and family safe from a cockroach infestation this year. After all, if this list of weird facts hasn’t motivated you to hire a pest control professional, there may be nothing that does. Contact our office when you’re ready to say goodbye to DIY pest control and hello to spending more time enjoying the summer with your family.