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What Does Winter Irrigation Look Like in Central Florida?

Florida has its fair share of seasonal weather, but winter weather generally isn’t even a blip on the radar. Winter in Florida is mild, chances are you won’t be seeing any snow, and we only get a freeze every once in awhile, but there are definite changes in weather and climate that impact the way you should be irrigating your grass.
1. Don’t water during a freeze
While freezing temperatures are rare in central Florida, we do occasionally have a cold snap. You may be reminded to bring your pets and plants in from the cold, but don’t forget to also turn off your sprinkler system to avoid damaging your grass or the sprinklers themselves. Additionally, it’s best that your grass is dry going into a freeze, so keep your eye on the weather channel so you can anticipate the next freeze this winter.

2. Don’t over water
Summers in central Florida are a brutal mix of extreme heat and torrential rain. But those two things generally balance each other out as super hot, sunny days evaporate inches of rain leaving ideal conditions for your grass and plants to grow. But as temperatures cool, irrigation water does not evaporate quite as quickly. During the winter, there is a delicate yard watering balance that must be struck. The lack of rain makes watering more important than ever, but it is also very important not to over water. The best way to find the perfect winter watering equation for your lawn is through good old trial and error. Do some experimentation to find out what watering schedule works best for you.

3. Don’t forget to turn off your timer
If you normally have a timer set on your irrigation system, don’t forget to switch it off this time of year until you have a good idea of what watering schedule works best for you. Leaving your timer on your summer watering schedule can be harmful to your grass and plants and may also be an unnecessary waste of water.

4. Keep your eyes on it
The best way to know when your lawn needs watering is to keep your eye on it. If blades of your grass appear folded in half or have a bluish-gray tint, your grass is dry and in need of watering. While you figure out exactly how to meet your lawn’s needs, consider hand watering it so you can keep a close eye on these indicators.

Lawn irrigation in Florida is a complicated dance. No one expects you to get it right the very first time, just keep your eye on your turf, be sure not to over water it, and be aware of upcoming weather patterns that might impact your lawn and your sprinkler system. If irrigation is a task that’s been on your mind, call our irrigation professionals for a free installation estimate and to learn more about what your lawn needs this winter.