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What It Takes To Get Home Irrigation Right

Does successful home irrigation seem like a myth or even a losing battle? We find that far too many of our clients waste precious time and resources in the fight for yard dominance because they don’t quite know what it takes to achieve the well-watered lawn they’re looking for.
Here are three factors which contribute to successful lawn irrigation:

Invest In A Good System
First and foremost, if you don’t have a good sprinkler system installed in your yard, you’re already a few steps behind on the irrigation front. Systems that are old and outdated, those that may have sustained damage, and manual watering techniques are a number one culprit in substandard irrigation. If you’re looking to improve your lawn we recommend you begin first by investing in a good sprinkler system that is efficient, smart, and can be tailored to fit your needs. If you’re not sure about the condition of your existing system, contact a professional who can evaluate it for you.

Get On A Regular Schedule
Once you have your efficient new sprinkler system installed, it’s important to get yourself on a regular watering routine. The frequency and duration of your watering will change based on the season, but during each season an updated sprinkler system will allow you to program a schedule to ensure that your watering is getting done without much extra effort on your part.

Monitor Water Volume
Whether or not your system is perfectly programmed, it’s important to regularly monitor how much water is being distributed on your lawn. First, there may be times of year – summer in Florida, for example – where your extremely hot days are punctuated with heavy rains in the afternoon. While your lawn may look thirsty in the morning, that morning watering paired with a heavy afternoon rain will likely be more water than your lawn needs. Additionally, you should keep your eye out for any areas where water is pooling, this may be a sign that your sprinklers need to be adjusted, or that water isn’t draining properly.

There is always the temptation for many homeowners to try to take the reins of the home irrigation and install or program their own systems. If you’re considering this, or have tried and failed at it, we highly recommend that you give us a call today. Your irrigation system doesn’t require rocket science, and it’s certainly nothing to be afraid of. But working with a professional ensures that you’ll get the irrigation service you need to maintain a strong and healthy lawn.