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What Quarantine Is Teaching Families About Pest Control

It goes without saying that we are all learning a lot about ourselves during this global pandemic. As we spend our days and nights combined into our homes with our families by ourselves, for most people the home is getting more use than normal. As we look back on the last couple of months in quarantine there are some lessons we can take about our need for high-quality pest control.
More Use Equals More Bugs
You’re probably not used to serving your entire family three meals a day from your kitchen. These days you’re responsible for serving and cleaning up after three square meals and untold snacks. This extra usage means that there are likely more errant crumbs left around your house and something is attracting more bugs than normal. Plus, you’re balancing all of this housework with your full-time job!

So with all of the juice cups left in bedrooms, snack wrappers tucked under couches, and muddy footprints tracked on cream carpets you’re probably wishing you had invested in professional pest control (and professional cleaning). Maybe the bugs weren’t a problem before when everyone was out of the house during the day, or maybe you just weren’t around to notice them. Either way, the extra use your house is getting is highlighting what you’re missing.

Protecting Your Yard Is Just As important
Thankfully, the weather has been nice enough over the past few months to allow plenty of outside playtime. Whether your kids are playing the yard, climbing trees, or swimming in the pool, you may have noticed a bug problem you didn’t realize you had. Whether your kids are showing up with new bug bites every day, or family dinners are interrupted by mosquitoes and ants, the more time you spend outside the more you’ll notice how critical professional pest control really is.

At-Home Products Aren’t Worth It
Do you feel unsure about how long your children need to stay out of your yard or a particular part of your home once you’ve treated it with DIY pest products? Do you worry about your family being exposed to improperly used chemicals? We worry about this too. We know how much you want to keep your home clean and safe which is why we recommend homeowners leave pest control to the experts. Plus, do you really want to spend your days and nights worrying about bugs when you could be out enjoying a pest-free yard with your kids?

There is a lot of stress involved with all of this quarantined togetherness, but it’s counteracted by the opportunities to enjoy your children in a whole new way. If you’re ready to hand over your pest concerns to the professionals, give us a call today