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What You Want To Know About Smart Irrigation

In today’s highly technical world you can control just about anything from the smart phone in your pocket. From monitoring your home security system, to tracking your heart rate or blood sugar levels, it is clear that we live in the age of “smart” technology. And as each year passes more and more of the technology we use makes its way into our cell phones and other smart devices. So why not smart irrigation? You love your lawn and work so hard to maintain it, now you can track your progress from anywhere.
There are two main types of smart irrigation, weather-based and soil-based both methods provide added control not available in traditional irrigation systems. Here’s more information about these options.

Weather Based
Weather-based smart watering systems use current and historic weather data as well as soil and evaporation data to help you control the watering of your lawn. In short, these systems are able to automatically adjust your watering schedule based upon the weather in your area for that day. This is especially valuable for residents of the state of Florida where our deluge of summer rain is paired with hours of intense sun. Such bipolar weather can make difficult to anticipate which days your lawn needs watering and lead to potential over or under-watering. Depending upon the system you choose, it may use data from local weather stations or from the internet. Either way, you know that your sprinkler system is programmed to make educated decisions before watering your lawn.

Soil Based
Another type of smart irrigation depends on data collected from the actual soil in your yard. How much more specific information could you get? When using these systems you bury a sensor in the ground that can provide by-the-minute data about the amount of moisture contained in your soil. Some systems go even further and collect data on the temperature as well as the amount of light and soil nutrients. Soil-based monitoring allows you to collect specific data from the various areas of your yard that may have varying soil types, drainage, and shade.

Data and technology have made so many aspects of your life more convenient, and now companies are inventing new and innovative ways to apply them to your sprinkler system as well. With more innovation comes more freedom for the homeowner to get the best lawn irrigation without having to manage every single step by hand. If you’re struggling to manage your lawn with an old fashioned or out of date sprinkler system give us a call today. We’ll happily provide you with an obligation free estimate.