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When DIY Lawn Care Goes Wrong

These days we live in the midst of a do-it-yourself culture. From home renovations to brewing beer to gardening, people all over the world are stepping back into a simpler time when homeowners handled as much as they could with their own two hands. There are great advantages to families who learn how to manage the needs of their home by themselves.
But there comes a point where doing-it-yourself can cause more trouble than you intended. When it comes to managing your lawn, keep your eye out for these common DIY mistakes.

Mowing Over Weeds
Sometimes, the easiest way to make weeds “disappear” is to mow them over when you’re mowing your grass. But did you know that mowing your weeds actually distributes their seeds around your yard causing them to grow even faster?

While this tactic might work for the short term, eventually you will find that these weeds have totally taken over. Before the instinct to mow your weeds takes over, do a little research and make sure you aren’t making your problem worse.

The Misuse Of At-home Lawn Care Products
Another common mistake that well-meaning homeowners make is to try their own hand at weed maintenance by purchasing products from their local hardware store. While these products may be qualified to treat pests and weeds and fertilize turf, the average homeowner isn’t always equipped to apply them without damaging surrounding grass. Do you find ugly brown patches after you treat your lawn? It may be time to call in the professionals.

Watering Too Much Or Too Little
Surely, watering your lawn should be something you can do yourself! Right? The answer is yes, kind of. With a good sprinkler system set on a timer and an eye on the weather, you can absolutely manage the irrigation of your lawn. However, not every sprinkler system works properly or is optimized to make the most of your lawn.

An important aspect of lawn care is making sure that your equipment, including your sprinkler system, is working properly. Make sure that all of your lawn is receiving adequate water by contacting a professional to help assess your irrigation system.

It may seem like lawn care is a simple thing you can do on your own, and you’re not wrong about that. When it comes to mowing and watering your lawn, you have all the resources you need to do the job. Just make sure that you’re doing it properly. And if you think your lawn needs more attention in the way of fertilizer or pest control products, contact us today.

Why risk damaging your lawn by turning it into your next DIY project? At Holder Termite and Pest Control, we’ve been providing lawn care to our community for more than thirty-five years and we’d love to invite you to join the family!