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When To Cut The Cord With Your Termite Control Company

Undoubtedly you’ve heard these song lyrics before, and they still ring true, “breaking up is hard to do.” Whether you’re breaking up with a boyfriend or your termite service it’s not uncommon to fear that you’re either doing the wrong thing or you’re going to hurt someone’s feelings. To begin, you should never worry about hurting the feelings of a service provider who isn’t giving you exactly the service that you are paying for. When it comes to keeping your home safe from termites you have the right to be very picky.
You may be wondering “how do you know if you’re dealing with the right termite control service, to begin with?” The truth is, only time will tell. But, here are a few clear cut signs that it’s time to find a new company to work with.

Persistent Problems
Reality is not all termite issues are easy to solve. So, if one visit from your termite specialist doesn’t completely eradicate your termite colony that’s not to say that you’ve partnered with the wrong team. However, if you find yourself with recurring issues, it’s the responsibility of your termite control company to follow up with other solutions. So if you have recently had your house treated for termites and still find yourself with a problem chances are may be time to move.

Proper Licensure
Another reason that we recommend homeowners part ways with their current termite control service is when they’re working with someone who is not licensed or insured. Home fumigation and other kinds of pest control that use potent chemicals require careful handling by a professional with a significant level of expertise. You have the right to ask a termite company whether or not they’re licensed and insured.

Termite issues can be well-managed when handled in a timely manner. If you find it difficult to get in contact with your provider, if they don’t respond quickly to your needs, or if they don’t take your concerns seriously it would be worth considering finding a company that fits better.

All businesses are filled with people who try their hardest, and people who sometimes make mistakes. For that reason, we always recommend giving your service provider a fair shake. However, if you find that you are in a relationship with a termite control company that isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to leave. For more information about how you can get out of a bad termite control relationship and into a good one, give us a call today.