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Why It’s So Important To Shop Local For Your Home Fumigation

So, you have termites. This is not something anyone wants to hear, but in Florida, untreated homes are destined to get them at some point. You may feel unsure about who to hire to help rid your home of your pest problem. You’ve heard ads for big chain companies on TV, but how can you be sure they provide the best service?
At Holder Pest & Termite Control we always recommend hiring locally, and here’s why:

National Reputation Does Not Equal Local Reputation
In any industry, national companies have the benefit of national reputations. But, the downside of depending on a company’s national reputation is that it doesn’t always translate on the local level. While a large pest control company may tout its values with expensive advertising, it’s difficult to ensure that those values are upheld from the corporate office down to the fumigation team on the ground who ends up treating your house. This is exactly where small businesses like Holder Pest Control have a distinct advantage. Our technicians are all people who we know and trust to treat your home, and we know that we can ensure you the best service because we’ve had control over our company’s values for more than 35 years

Dependable Service And Access To Decision Makers
Small, family-owned businesses are built over decades by providing consistent and dependable service to local companies. It is based upon this dependability that relationships are built. The great thing about hiring a local company like Holder to manage your pest control needs is that you are usually no more than 2-3 people removed from having access to the decision makers at the company. This is hugely important when you’re inviting crews inside your home to provide a service. Unlike your Globo-pest-company down the road, your feedback – good or bad – is heard by all of us, all the way to the top.

Trustworthy Crews
At Holder, each member of our crew is also a member of your community. As a family-owned company operating in Central Florida, we are focused on providing the best service possible, and part of that is ensuring you a safe experience with a crew you can trust. As you prepare your home for fumigation, you can rest assured know that our team is treating your home with all the love and respect we’d want of our own homes.

The term “shop local” has gained in popularity over the last few years, and it applies not only to the benefits of retail shopping, but also when shopping around for vendors to take care of some of your most important home projects. If you’re looking for a dependable team to hire for your pest control and home fumigation needs, call us today. We’ve dedicated the last three decades to serving our community and look forward to working with you too.