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Why Termite Control Is A Must For Your Investment Property

People are starting to notice that Florida’s weather makes it an ideal place to live year-round, and because of that fact, the population of the state is growing year after year. That makes right now a great time to begin investing in properties in the state.
If you are a property owner with more than one home you know that there are lots of things to juggle in order to keep your property safe and your investment strong. Chances are at your primary residence you have already invested in pest control and termite control. For most families, it’s a natural first step in protecting their home and their livelihood from unwanted bugs. But not all families think to make that investment for their additional properties. It’s easy to assume that by cutting costs here or there and lowering your monthly expenses you will save money in the long run, however, as you well know, an undetected termite problem can be a serious problem down the line.

So what are the risks of skipping the details and avoiding termite and pest control for your investment properties? Here are the primary issues you should consider.

You’ll Miss The Signs
The most obvious concern is that when you are away from the property, as you would be with an investment property, you are less likely to see the obvious signs of termite damage. So whether this property is a summer home that is left vacant most of the year or a rental home with renters who don’t pay attention to the same details that you would, it’s really important for your peace of mind to know that there is a professional visiting in the home regularly to ensure that it is still free of termites.

Humidity Is Ideal For Pests
A specific concern with homes or other structures that are not occupied all year long is that spaces that go without conditioned air become very attractive environments for termites. As we know, termites like warm damp places and summers in Florida are the ideal place to find such an environment. If your vacation rental is left on occupied and the air-conditioning turned off you may be accidentally creating a perfect habitat for on welcomed pests.

We hope that you consider termite control one of the basic essentials of your own home and any other properties that you own because without effective termite control you may be sending your investment right down the tubes. If you’re looking for the right team to help manage your investment property, give us a call today.