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Choosing Plants That Make Lawn Care Simple

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who want a beautiful lawn and enjoy working for it, and those who want a beautiful lawn and don’t care much for gardening. The place that you fall on that spectrum may determine what kind of plants you choose for your yard.
If you fancy yourself a green-thumbed gardener you’ll choose flowering plants that require some degree of lawn care expertise. However, like many of our clients, you may be looking for some low maintenance greenery that looks good with little effort. Check out these examples of perfectly simple, low maintenance plants.

Palms Or Palmettos
It is very difficult to kill a palmetto. These tough plants are made to withstand our volatile weather. You may have some already existing on your property. These plants are great for taking up a good amount of space without needing much pruning or watering. Plant low-lying palmetto bushes on the exterior of your lawn to create a shrub-like barrier between your home and your neighbors. Or plan a palm tree to provide shade to your yard while maintaining a light, tropical feel.

Hardy Grasses
Just like palms, ornamental grasses create a beautiful ground covering with very little effort on your part. Imagine the beautiful grasses you see blowing in the wind when you visit the beach. They are an ideal plant for creating a border around your lawn limiting to some degree the part of your yard which requires lawn care. This is perfect if you want to maintain some grass as a place for your pets and children to play, but not so much that you have a great deal to mow.

The easiest way to limit your lawn care is to plant ground cover plants that behave exactly as their name suggests. Some common examples are bromeliads, aloe, begonias, and other creeping plants. The thing to remember about these ground covering plants is that they spread quickly and easily. This is excellent if you want to fill a particular space with attractive plants that don’t need to be mowed or maintained. However, it’s important to note that if you want them confined to a specific small area you’ll need to trim them back every year or so.

Lawn care is one of those necessary things that homeowners either love or hate. By choosing the right, low-maintenance plants you can have a beautiful lawn with very little care required. For more information about our lawn care services, or for a free no-obligation estimate, contact us today.