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Finding Termite Wings in Your DeBary Home? 3 Steps You Need to Take

Few things rank higher on the gross scale than finding detached termite wings on surfaces around your home. The worst part about it is the knowledge that termites only lose their wings when they have found a place to nest and reproduce. By the time you find termite wings in your DeBary home, you already have a termite problem. 

We understand how strongly our clients feel about termites. They’re not only gross but also dangerous to your home’s structure. You should also know that a termite infestation is nothing to be ashamed of. Residents of DeBary and other Central Florida communities live in the ideal location for termite infestation. In fact, our warm weather and damp summer conditions make us a perfect place for a lot of different kinds of pests.

Before you decide what action to take on your DeBary home, you should know that termites can very quickly cause incredible damage to a structure. Each colony of termites can contain hundreds or even thousands of individual bugs, and each of those bugs spends all its time, night and day, eating. Experts estimate that termite colonies cause upwards of $30 billion in damage each year in the United States. If you sense that we have strong feelings about termites, now you know why!

Take Note Of Where You See Signs Of Infestation

Once you find evidence of termites in your home, you must note where the discarded wings are located. Are they on the windowsill in your main bedroom or on the exterior wall next to your front porch? This information will help termite control specialists narrow down the location of the infestation and determine the best treatment. While termites move quickly, it would take them quite a long time to infest your whole home. Telling your termite professional where you suspect the termites are living will enable them to provide you with the most accurate service.

Call A Professional Immediately

We regularly encounter homeowners who try their best to control their termite infestation on their own. It’s understandably hard to resist the excellent advertising of over-the-counter termite control products. Still, the best way to control your termites and protect your home is to hire a professional service provider. There is far too much room for error when using over-the-counter products. While you may think that you have your pest problem under control, an inexperienced homeowner may not recognize the signs that termites are still active as ever behind your walls. Additionally, the termite control professionals at Holder have access to the most effective products and are trained to use them in the safest way for your family.

Sign Up For Ongoing Termite Control Services

If we had to choose one important lesson to impart to our customers, it would be that the most successful pest control services are ongoing. We are happy to come to your home and fumigate for termites, which will eliminate the existing pests in your home. However, fumigation (a standard termite control tool) does not protect against future infestation. Ongoing termite and pest control services ensure that your home is always treated against pests and if a new infestation occurs. When we catch termites early, we can treat them in the most active way possible.

At Holder Termite and Pest Control, we feel it’s our responsibility to educate the members of our community on the best ways to protect their homes and properties from termite infestations. Our clients in DeBary and the surrounding communities have had great experiences working with our team. If you suspect you have a termite problem or want to protect your home before a termite problem arises, contact our office today.

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