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Big Headed Ant

It should be no surprise that the “soldiers” of the big headed ant species are easily recognizable by their large heads and large pincers. The minor workers of the species, though, are much smaller.

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What kind of habitats does a big headed ant prefer?

Big headed ants love to build their nests in soil and are, therefore, primarily found living outside in the yard. If you were to go outside and lift up a log, rock, or planter that’s sitting in the dirt you’ll more than likely come face to face with a colony of big headed ants. Most homeowners are unbothered by colonies of ants living outside, but it’s a different story when they find their way inside your home. Big headed ants usually make their way in by hitching a ride inside a potted plant.

What damage does a big headed ant cause?

Despite their large heads and intimidating looking pincers, big headed ants are not known to bite and don’t pose any direct risk to human beings. They may, however, feed on the food items in your pantry or even your favorite house plants causing them to wilt. Big headed ants have large colonies, and each colony of big headed ants has multiple queens. This set up enables them to reproduce quickly making them very difficult to control.

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