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Carpenter Ant
Carpenter ants are larger than most other ant species making them easier to identify around your property. They’re also recognizable by their red or black coloring and their heart-shaped head.
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What kind of habitats does a carpenter ant prefer?

Here in Florida, carpenter ants can be found living around their preferred building material: wood. Since they prefer their wood damp, you’ll often find them living in in fallen trees, stacks of wood, or in the areas of your home where potential water leaks could occur like kitchens and bathrooms. While they are often mistaken for termites, carpenter ants are on a strict diet of leafy greens. Rather than eating wood, they use it as a building material to create a safe nest for their colony.

What damage does a carpenter ant cause?

Of all species of ants in Florida and around the world, carpenter ants are well-known to cause the most significant structural damage. They use their extra large pincers to carve smooth tunnels in wood where they build nests to house their colonies. With each tunnel carved the wood is weakened and the structure becomes more at risk. Like termites, carpenter ants work quickly and can cause serious destruction to the structural integrity of your home with in a period of months.

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