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American Roach

Averaging around an inch and half long, American roaches are known for their reddish brown bodies and the yellow band or figure eight around their heads. Each roach has six legs and two long antennae.

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What kind of habitats does an American roaches prefer?

American roaches are primarily found living outdoors, so are less likely to see them roaming through your home than other types of roaches. Like many roach species, American roaches prefer warm, damp environments and can often be found living in piles of leaves, rotten yard debris, or under potted plants. In Florida, American roaches are often referred to as palmetto bugs. They are drawn to decaying plants, trees, or construction materials. If you see them inside, it may be a sign of hidden damage.

What damage does an American roach cause?

For all their unpleasant characteristics, we’re pleased to share that American roaches don’t bite or sting, and they don’t destroy wooden buildings like termites and ants. American roaches are known to carry bacteria on their bodies that can cause gastrointestinal distress and even dysentery. Since they’re able to squeeze their slender bodies into impossible spaces they’re able to easily pass their bacteria to you by coming into contact with your food, dishes, or silverware.

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